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Eman Ahmed laid to rest in Alexandria
Express News Service/ Mumbai
Filed on 2017-09-27 | Last updated on 2017-11-26 13:48:47

Egyptian national Eman Ahmed was laid to rest in her native city Alexandria Tuesday afternoon following funeral prayers in Al-Omari mosque where people had gathered to catch a final glimpse of her. According to locals, her body remained in a white car as people lined up on the street to pay their respects.

The body of the 37-year-old was flown in an Egypt Air flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo and taken by road to Alexandria. Once considered the world’s heaviest woman at 500 kg, Eman had been airlifted on February 10 this year to Mumbai for obesity treatment. For the last seven months, she had remained away from home to undergo a bariatric surgery, heart surgery and several other medical treatments. She was taken to Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi from Mumbai Saifee Hospital on May 4 this year.

On Monday, a fortnight after her birthday, she succumbed to multiple organ failure following a urinary tract infection that led to septic shock and affected her blood system. According to the doctors who were treating her, Eman’s health worsened within 24 hours and she required intensive care support Sunday.

The doctors at Burjeel hospital claim they had formed a deep bond with Eman due to her long-term hospitalisation.

DrShamsheerVayalil, managing director at VPS Healthcare, who monitored Eman’s transfer from Mumbai, had promised her an ice-cream treat once her mobility improved. “She loves ice-cream. I had told her we’ll go to Corniche and have one,” he had told The Indian Express earlier. Corniche is a coastal road lining the western end of Abu Dhabi.

The head of medical team, DrNehadHalawa, would visit Eman often to see her progress. “She would always smile and joke. She celebrated her birthday very happily. There was no inkling that the infection she contracted days later would be so fatal,” he said.

Eman contracted a bacterial infection that spread from urinary tract to blood stream in her body. She had slight fever Saturday but was able to communicate. On Sunday, she required ICU support and passed away in the early hours of Monday due to multiple organ failure.

Her dietician and nutritionist said she loved eating chicken sandwich, hummus and foule. While her diet was high protein given in four small meals, doctors would allow her to eat her favourite food once in a while.

A team of 20 specialists, from neurology, cardiology, physiotherapy, nutrition, speech therapy, obesity, psychology, intensive care, and gastroenterology, monitored Eman. She would undergo physiotherapy for at least two hours to strengthen her leg and hand muscles. “We put in our best to treat her,” Halawa said.